The 100 Year EdTech Project

The 100 Year EdTech Project 2074 Guide

The 100 Year EdTech Project 2074 Guide serves as a roadmap and a call to action, inviting us to imagine, innovate and invest in a future where education transcends traditional boundaries and embraces the digital age. It outlines 8 future scenarios and 8 provocations for the next 50 years of education that we urge education and technology changemakers to address.

The full review draft of the official publication from the 100 Year EdTech Project 2024 Design Summit is complete! Participants of the Summit provided feedback and the authors are working to implement it. In the meantime, the general public is invited to review the draft publication and submit their exemplary work -- projects, programs, initiatives, courses and more -- by May 16 for potential inclusion in the final publication in June 2024.